• mr. ikigai


Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Introspection is surely is another year ender for me. It helps me learn so much more about myself and know the what and where in my life. After a meticulous process of reviewing my whole life last year - what went well, what didn’t do well, and all of my smallest and biggest take-aways or lessons learned, I realised that for the latter of 2017 and for most of 2018, I should be doing a lot of “recovery” efforts to regain my lost self.

I choose to be positive about life, my life, despite all the hurdles. I thought that instead of waywardly going nowhere, why not start listing down new life goals and start crossing them off. I also thought of this because I’ve realised how God had been responding to my prayers in His own perfect time. So, I am writing down all the new life goals I have for the 2018 and the next 3 years, or those things I can achieve before I turn 35 years old. Sharing with you for your inspiration.

  1. I want to finish my Masters in Communication. Finish it and get a work/business out of it. Sure this will help me recover my lost appetite to pursue my education.

  2. I want to study the Japanese language, culture and history. I pray also for a scholarship grant to make this possible. I would like to be conversant enough that I will be able to travel across Japan and help my sister find her Dad. I should also learn how to read Kanji very well so that I could land a good paying job. I thought this is one way to recover lost opportunities because I can’t communicate with local people properly. I trust that this will not only bring in opportunities, and adventures. But also, I could use it to profess my faith in God.

  3. I aspire to be in good shape. Now that I am in my 30s. I’d like to be in the best of health. I particularly want to be able to dress up quite well. It is by necessity that I recover my health. I owe it to myself to be healthy and wise.

  4. Even if I will be busy building my own life, I should be able to spend a good quality time for mom. I pray that I would be able to bring her to many beautiful places in the world. I deeply pray that we would be able to visit the places she’d been to as a family. I need to recover the lost time with mom and family. As we have been given this chance, I should make the most out of it.

  5. I want to put up my own online business. I would like to remain anonymous and be the CEO of my own company. I wouldn’t want to only rekindle my younger years’ wishes. I would like to recover that fire and unparalleled desire to succeed in life, no matter what.

  6. I sure want to be financially independent in the near future. First, I would like to have savings. Then, I’d like to have much extra for investment. I should be active searching for investment opportunities. I pray for opportunities to come my way and that I would be able to discern of which is good and bad. I should begin by crossing out all of my debts soon. I should strive not to borrow money from anyone beginning today. I’ve lost so much last year as well as in the past years, but I know that gain could also be very much. It’s a must that I recover from my past losses and unwise spending. It is the only way that I could be wise about my future and that of my family.

  7. I’d like to have new DSLR camera. I’d really want to attend a crash course in Photography. Enough that I will be able to collect different photos and start my own online portfolio out of it. I would quickly want to recover my robbed chances of pursuing another passion. I know this may not be a practical priority for some but I trust that it can lead me to seeing great finds.

  8. I guess I should start early in saving a little money for my nephew. I love this boy so dearly that I want to take part in ensuring a more comfortable future for him. God as my guide, I trust that I will be able to give him a little something to look forward in life. I need divine intervention on this. I trust that nothing is impossible with God. I thought of this to recover my not being able to provide for my sister as the big brother. I hope this will be done for my own satisfaction, more so, to somehow improve the path of the next generation in our family.

  9. I should be able to write my book by now. Any book - children’s, fiction, journal - I just have to begin with something. #recoverlostdreams

  10. I’d like to come up with something that would contribute to my being a Christian. Something that would help others to get closer to the Lord. It could be an app, a blog, a book. Anything that would become my equal share of making people draw closer to God. #recoverlostfaith

  11. I have reflected on what life awaits us here in Japan and it’s pretty looking like we will stay here for most of our lives. With this, I thought we should start thinking of getting a house in order to settle properly. I will definitely start praying for it but it will require us to also prepare at this early -- we should be good citizen, paying taxes, paying insurances. We should have enough savings. To get this done, we should have jobs -- when at all possible a good paying job. I thought I should make use of my youthful years that not only my future self would thank it for but the family members I will leave behind when I go. #recoveryfromthepast

  12. BLOG!!! It is by necessity that I begin my blogs. I will pitch articles about “struggling on purpose”. I could talk about anything under the sun. I should begin with a concrete plan then . I will start praying about it. #recoverlostdreams

All these with faith and action will be done. This is a declaration of my journey! To God be the Glory.