15,634 STRONG

“15,634 steps” - This number pretty much summed up the number of steps I needed to take from the moment I decided to leave home and have a supposed short stroll around with my bike and myself in a place I am yet to be familiar with, to the moment that I already got and felt so lost, and to the time that I finally reached home. It was obviously a long day.

Going around the city either by walking or recently when I finally learned the courage to ride a bike that I was able to go quite farther than the limitation my legs have dictated me. It’s one way of fighting the loneliness I feel inside whenever I am bored or simply feeling stagnant. Usually, I would have a desired destination in mind as a focal point of my quick travel and there are times when I don’t have the exact place in mind, rather, I have the desired pathway that I must take and see for myself what’s out there. It feels so good to be in an unfamiliar place and find wonders. I also feel delighted whenever I get to confirm routes, distances, places, and see for myself how they are connected to each other. I love the fact that there are so many parks and retreat places in the area that surprise me every now and then. This gladness is far greater than how my body would be in pain later on, after all it’s what I’m looking for: to be physically active. At the end of a really long day, I saw vision on how this day have nourished my life in a million ways possible.


Being a borderline Obese - Class 1 myself, my Body Mass Index or BMI tells me that I go somewhere between being Overweight and Obese Class 1 intermittently. Primarily because of my poor diet, inactive lifestyle and stressful nature of work. Being able to at least walk/bike around one or twice a week keep me away from being a full blown Obese with high risk of getting numerous amount of diseases. We all know exercise or simply staying active is very important in keeping a balance life, as a whole. Being able to do this is also a luxury. Some people are stretch either by the kind of physical labor they do for a living or simply they can’t help themselves to get some physical action. Often, limitation is how the mind confine what you can and cannot do.

Walking/biking is my personal choice for exercise. Mainly because it improves the quality of my sleep. Without tiring myself physically, I don’t get to have REM or Rapid Eye Movement, a Scientific indicator of the quality of our sleep. It simply means that I don’t get to have enough quality sleep where I should be feeling re-charged/re-energised. Often, I would wake up even more tired than I was because of shallow and inconsistent sleep pattern. Truly, there are things in life money can’t buy. Having to physically outdo myself through walking/biking, it is notable that my sleep is so deep that it revitalises my body and mind. I also don’t get to experience nightmares whenever I get to have deep sleep. My body speaks the difference.

Of course, we know for sure how that at least 400-500 calories burn for 10,000 steps a day. I don’t say it has improve my weight or my physical appearance but at least I know that I ain’t entirely forgetting my obligations to my body. The temple of the Holy Spirit. “Don't you realise that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself...” - 1 Corinthians 6:19


Living in a small space shared by 4 people - 3 grown ups and 1 child - can be unforgiving sometimes. It takes a lot of conscious effort on how not to get unto the nerves of each other. One must give way and be the bigger person in understanding someone else. Often times, this boundary is crossed when things seem unbearable, and walking away from home for awhile is a necessity. Usually, after a day of strolling around, I noticed how there is somewhat a change in perspective or a paradigm shift . It’s almost like a magic that my mood is elevated slightly higher than it used to. I would sometimes caught myself smiling. Of course it lasts for when you go back to the veracities of your life - issues, challenges, problems, and all the world drawn to you. But imagine if you would do this often. That somehow creates the “balance” in our lives.

As I am able to spend time with myself in solitude, I am also able to reconnect with my inner self. That person I can’t hide anything from. That person who knows every single thing about me. That person who feels what I feel deep down inside. I strongly believe that this is one of the best gifts that God have given me, being at peace with myself. Although it can sometimes feel a curse and a blessing, but it is more of a blessing that I manage to get to know myself for each passing day. I don’t say that I’m content or ultra happy about everything in me but enough that I know who I am, what I am not, and who I need to be at a specific place and time. It is so vivid that I am my own frustration. Somehow, I let loose and give my mind and heart a break whenever I go for walk /bike.

In NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming, I learned that you can combat stress by looking at it in different perspectives. You can use the zoom in and out method. By zooming in, you are able to see details of things that causing the stress in you. Often, this is clouding your perspectives and feeling that problems are all in you, and yours alone. And by zooming out, you will be able to realise that our life is but a speck of dust in a world or a universe infinitely larger than life. “For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust.” - Psalm 103:14


There must be a spiritual renewal of your thoughts and attitudes” - Ephesians 4:23

Life here on earth and perhaps in our whole lifetime will feel like unbearable at times but lucky are those who believe that they have God with them in every step of the way, the source of our strength, our refuge in times of trouble, and most importantly the one who loves us without boundaries. Being able to spend time with God is something I look forward to whenever I get a chance to walk-by. My solitude is not entirely a moment of aloneness but being one with my creator. I speak to Him inside my mind and my heart. I tell him every single thing that runs my lifestream. And He never fails to give me a Spiritual Retreat, where I am continuously renewed as a Spiritual being. My faith perhaps is the weakest but it is also the strongest with him being it’s foundation. I maybe weak myself but I am leaning on a God who isn’t.

On this day that I went for a stroll, I lost myself as I biked around. I don’t have GPS nor internet to track where I am and which route I could possibly take to be able to go home. I only relied on the fact that God has always preserved me and will always will. I whisper in my heart, God, Jesus, please show me the way. It was getting dark and I knew that I need to find a way to tell mom that I will be late. Otherwise, they would surely be worried. I’ve been gone for the last 8 hours and for that entire time, I have been cycling non-stop. I’m exhausted but I have had enough adrenalin to keep going. Though my legs wouldn’t agree with me that would sometimes locked and I couldn’t pedal any longer. I was also thirsty and hungry. I can’t find a familiar establishment where wifi exist until after a really serious prayer, a Starbucks appeared. It was such a relief because I would be able to stop-by, get access to wifi and call home. <In case you wonder why I can’t use my phone for calls, it’s because my mobile line was cut-off and my phone can’t get international signal.>

My worries are gone the moment I get access to wifi. I managed to inform my sister that I got lost and that I will be late and that everything is alright. I also was able to know where exactly I was and how far am I from home, and think of a strategy on how to reach home the fastest. After about half hour of rekindling my strength and collating the necessary information for me to get home I resumed cycling the streets. Far from my destination, I thought Lord, why wouldn’t you just make it possible that I still have my phone line, or that I don’t get lost at all, and without exaggerating it right before I cross the highway, I was looking around and saw atop a building a cross. At that point, I knew it was Him telling me because I want you to feel me. I want to have that intimate time with you that as you go your days ahead, you will be able to remember this day, when you think you are lost but I was there with you all along. Indeed, my spirit has just been refuelled and retreated once more. My faith of being able to go home that night went from doubtful, to whispered hope, and to full blown trust. I know I am covered by my Father in heaven. And if he can do this on simple things, like leading the way of a life unworthy to receive His gift of love. He can take more than 15,634 strong steps each moment of our lives only to be with us, only to be with Him. “I am with you and will keep you wherever you go” - Genesis 28:15

Please allow me to hear from you. Let’s talk and cultivate our faith even more. Join our Faith- forum here: https://www.mrikigai.com/ask-me/faith-1 Talk to you soon!

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