What a great time to be in Project Management these days. You are surrounded by different power tools that are absolutely visually stunning and slick all at the same time. I have been handling a number of projects already since I started working in 2008 and I must say that the internet has provided tremendous opportunity for continuous improvement. I’m a Microsoft Excel- baby. It is the spreadsheet that does a lot of wonders for students and workers. And to date, it has maintained its relevance to many things around us. Most especially for those whose activities relate to data and figures. It makes your life so much easier to keep track and tally of who, what, where, when, or how. Just be extra-mile creative and diligence and a spreadsheet is definitely to your advantage.

Yet, truly, change is inevitable. Because in this high time for information and technology age, we are offered many different solutions to our day-to-day life, may it be personal and/or professional. Although, I must admit that with the internet, you can be flustered with possibly hundreds and thousands of seemingly similar things you can find, and that’s where comments, consumers’ feedbacks, and reviews such this are to the rescue. Here is my personal list of power tools in project management for your consideration:


Spreadsheet meets database” is the best yet simple description that the Airtable company put it. Actually, there’s so much more, Airtable was able to make the traditional spreadsheet an interactive project management playground with its comment section feature. Similar to the surface of a spreadsheet, it gives you slick view of your records, allows you to upload files directly and inside the spreadsheet, which gives you and your team members the fastest time to interact to each other. Probably anytime and anywhere you are. And most importantly in a project system, it has it’s time stamp. Giving you full grasp of who, when, and what is the latest to a particular task or project as a whole.

As for me, the most stunning interactive feature Airtable made was their super-ultra-slick online form/survey. Turning an online form data input into a spreadsheet base in an instance. It is so efficient that you don’t have the need to reorganize your collected data because it is automatically being organize for you.

Yet, above all these wonders, it is a sure thing that this can be of good use at a personal level. Airtable comes with FREE subscription plan that already has the essential features you would need at bare minimum. Allows you with unlimited bases; 1200- max records per base; 2GB attachment space per base; fields types features (i.e. checkboxes, dropdowns); grid, calendar, form, Kanban, and gallery views; Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps; and real-time collaboration and commenting system.

Begin to amaze yourself here: https://airtable.com/


For me, use of Slack is really more on the side of class, glamour and style. There’s probably other group / chat / voice software that can also do what Slack can. But, it is undeniable that Slack’s working space is so smooth that you are almost physically together with your teammate even if your miles away from each other. For one, it gives you an idea whose around, as well as if the other person is already about to respond to your discussion. Not to mention that it has that social media messaging feels or that of less formal. It gives employees the feels to break free from the usually controlled atmosphere in the workplace.

Slack has also been so confident to support its users that they offer to try out Slack INDEFINITELY at absolutely no cost, it’s FREE. It comes with minimum yet helpful features – searchable message, apps and services integration, 1:1 voice and video call, user authentication, support, and 5GB file storage.

What strengthen this confidence is when you eventually decide to go for their paid plans, they have various flexible offers. For example, as part of their corporate social responsibility, they offer special discount price for non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Also, under their Fair Billing Policy, Slack only charges for members who actually use Slack every month. Paid plans are 1) Standard - ideal for teams and companies that want to use Slack as a project or communication center; and 2) Plus - suitable for companies using single workspace, which requires plus data export and uptime guarantee.

It has also expanded its reach by launching a Japanese version of Airtable in November 2017.

This business collaboration tool obviously is not only a nice to have but a must-have for any small- and medium- companies/teams. Get to know about it more here: https://slack.com/


News about this organisation tool spread like a wildfire for very straightforward reasons. Trello is easy, free, flexible, and visually pleasing way to manage projects and organise practically anything. Trello, a visual collaboration tool, creates a shared perspective on any project.

Trello provides an aggregated dashboard perspective of the project details with its boards, lists, and cards that enable users to organise and prioritise personal and work life in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. It gives individuals or group the ability to see their projects take shape before their very eyes. And because it is easily shared, team members get the sense of unity and responsibility to take proactive and singular action. Making a giant project an achievable one.

True to Trello’s principles – it is universal, easy, personal, visual and tactile, familiar, succinct, direct, flexible, collaborative, and fun. It can be used for almost everything i.e. setting up schedules, targets, to do’s, logistics, processes, and so on. With Trello, letting as many people as possible to have access to this organization tool wonder, it is here to stay.

Trello is a gift! Please claim yours here: https://trello.com/

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