Just about a few more minutes and another year, another chapter is about to unfold in all our lives. It is but overwhelming to see seasons to keep changing. I am bedazzled at how unstoppable time is. That in a glimpse we are days, weeks, months and years distant from before. And today, is an all new day, a brand new year, and a symbolism of a new beginning. All thanks to the glory of one God the father!!!

As I walked the path of 2018, a lot have changed in my life. More to another year added to my age, I have been challenged by life and been exposed to many unwavering “firsts”. Despite all the ups and downs of 2018, I am for certain have recovered my self from this maze. At this point, I stand with clearer version of me in my mind and heart. I am keeping an open mind to expect the unexpected, and believe the unbelievable. I continue to choose positivity over anything that is against the preservation of my wellbeing. I continue to challenge myself and my faith - shaking and strengthening its foundation.

It’s yet another time for introspection, and here is an updated list of my life goals that I’ll be happy to cross-off my list as days run by. All these, through prayers and petitions, I will strive to #fulfil with grace from the Lord for “You can make many plans, but the LORD's purpose will prevail” - Proverbs 19:21.

  1. As I am giving a serious thought about what I really want in my career aspiration, I am now certain that I’d like to be called a “Doctor”. For all its worth, dignity, and most of all the ability to affect the lives of people whom I could touch at the crossroad. Perhaps, here is already the answer to why I have taken up an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts in Psychology. I’d like to #fulfil advancing my studies and take up Masters in Clinical Psychology at Online University of Japan, an online university that is purpose-fit to my situation. I am prayerful that I’d be able to not only take the first steps but finish it with flying colours. Then, follow to that I would like to take up a Doctorate Degree and become a full-pledged Doctor. All these for the glory of God!

  2. With great hopes that we will be given chances of living a life in this new found land of ours, I will continue to enrich my Japanese language, and be the voice of Jesus to the people in need to hear about His majestic love for all of us. I’ve seen the needs for more people to hear about God’s love for mankind, and how this kind of love is what is needed in our world today.

  3. I’d like to #fulfil my duty as a filial son to my parents. I’d like not only to support my mom and time to time give gifts to my dad, but I’d like them to feel loved as parents. I will strive to make them feel valued and wanted all the time. I’d like them to keep believing in the wonders of life and receive the gift of faith in God. I hope that through that feeling, they’d have a genuinely happy hearts. I wish to see #fulfilled smiles in the faces of these two people who brought me in this world.

  4. I intend to be wiser with money and opportunities. It is but a self-obligation that I need to #fulfil for the future of our family. I sincerely beseech the Almighty to allow us re-write the story of our family for something better than best. Securing not only the means to live but also raise a family with sense of pride, respect and dignity.

  5. I wish to see the culmination of all the God-given talents in me. I envision to author and publish books that can be beneficial to different people and causes, design a planner that can help people get organised, a journal with stories that the world could know for the first time. I wish to #fulfil realising my childhood dreams. The dreams that God has inculcated in me.

  6. I will continue to shout at the top of my lungs the goodness of God in my life. I wish for my life be an inspiration with many and walk the path of Christian-faith. I am dedicating my voice and strength to glorify the One who saved us from our sins. All for the #fulfilment of my duty as a believer, and as leap of faith.

  7. I’ve known the struggles of not being able to know if you’ll have yet another chance to enrol for a new semester when you lack the financial means to support your studies, and knowing isn’t enough to change things for the better. I felt the need for me to #fulfil another obligation to raise fund and support deserving students to be able to paint the colours of their future. And so, I am determined to have scholars within my powers. I trust that the Lord will channel His gifts and blessings to make it happen.

  8. I am victorious for my God is victorious’ is the mantra I am and will keep believing from this day forward. I am entrusting my whole life fully to our ever faithful God. I am victorious to surpass all life’s challenges. I am victorious to #fulfil the dreams that the Lord have given me.

Once again, all these with faith and action will be done. This is a declaration of my journey! To God be all the Richness and Glory.

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