I just finished reading Our Daily Bread devotional about Restored Failures (for December 10, 2017) I subscribed myself into and realised that like the prisoners’ in the story I have also been restored so many times in my whole 30 years of existence. The bible verse being reflected upon that day was Psalm 145:14, "The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down". I have been calloused so deeply to a point I thought I can no longer recover but here I am. I continue to live a blessed life after all. I am blessed more than I can ever imagine. I’ve been blessed with things I will never deserve for doing the wrong things I’ve done as a rebellious child of God. Even to be called His child is a blessing. Thank God I was given this path in the mind map of my faith, of which by the way is not that sturdy.

I thank the Lord for all of His own people He brought to my life to lead my path. I hope I reciprocate the same blessing they are to me.

I am so thankful to where I am now despite all the hurdles. I am thankful by simply waking up with family. I sleep with smile on my face knowing that I spent and lived another day with them. Although my adult consciousness is killing me by pressing the veracities of life is also taking its natural course. But God is good. Jesus is so good that He is the same person I can count on at times like this.

My path is always directed to a direction where I should dream again. Right now, I am clear that I should be making new goals and cross them all off as day passes by. Even with fears, I know I should continue. Believe that everything will turn out to be surprisingly great for me and my family. I can only profess how good God is. He is great in every way. Thanks for being that way.

Please forgive my melancholia. I am always like this. This is already me. This is a flavour of me.

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