As I embark on a whole new journey of joining my family abroad the questions that I always have became even stronger: Why is there a need for a person to apply for permission in order to be allowed in someone else’s territory? Who truly own countries? Why do people have to cross boarders? Why can’t people freely go anywhere in the world without having the agony of whether or not they could make it? Why do we have so many boundaries? Isn’t that the world is own by one God?

"Isn’t that the world is own by one God?"

Now that I’m in a territory million miles away from the first soil I stepped my feet on. A place that would make me feel so small about myself. A place that would stop me from doing simple things like buying from regular store because of language barrier and because I wouldn’t want to be interrogated by the stares of locals after noticing that I am not one of them. For simply believing to myself that because I am not a first class citizen that I don’t belong. It’s not their fault! I was the one thinking that I am different. I was the one who is so scared that people can discriminate me for being not one of them. It was I who put my own tag as someone unworthy to give life another try in another country. I was the very first person who is criticising and discriminating myself inside my head. I always question myself with: What are you doing here? Don’t you have a country of your own? Why you and your people need to immigrate here and populate our country? Do you think you have a place here?

You see?! I can be very critical of my own self. These are really harsh questions and statements that no one ever deserved to be asked of. Good thing for me, it never happened for these questions to be asked of me by another person. I pray that day would never come because I would really feel bad about myself.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this is about how much I wanted to be here nor that I am retaliating on my self-inflicted pains and insanities. I don’t think I am the very first person who asked these questions. But please accept it in your heart that somewhere in another part of the world, there are people who feel so low about themselves for simply being question of their purpose and intention for being in another place outside their birth place.

"Imagine yourself doing exactly how you wish to have been received with warmth, joy and love."

Have you ever tried imagining going anywhere in the world without having all the requirements and hasty preparations. Imagine yourself in the airport greeted equally by the people. Imagine that there is no need for a passport and immigration documents because people welcome you not only in their homes but also in their hearts. Imagine currencies are of equal value. Imagine yourself doing exactly how you wish to have been received with warmth, joy and love. Imagine speaking the same language anywhere in the world, how many friends are you going to get? How many lives are you going to touch? Such an easy world, isn’t?!

" is human nature to travel the airs, lands, waters and dreams to conquer the barriers."

Migration has long been practiced by all our ancestors and we will continue to do so for as long as we are humans. It is simply in our way of life. It is in our DNA as nomadic people who may have found a home to call their own along the journey. And, for it is human nature to travel the airs, lands, waters and dreams to conquer the barriers. Perhaps, the borders are only in my thought, imaginary. Perhaps, it is a borderless world, after all.

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