My usual coffee in my favourite designer mug.

I, too, wonder what relationship do I have with coffee. I don’t exactly recall when I started drinking this bitter-taste ‘adult’ beverage but it must have been a really long time. I started very young as coffee-drinker, so much so a coffee-addict. My love for coffee can be best described as an ‘addiction’ more than any other words because it’s very much so of what it is (lol). I long for it, typically can’t last a day without it, feels incomplete for a day without one, feels really different without one, (ugh) the mere thought of not having one in a day makes me feel so uncomfortable (lol). You see? It’s a built-in system in me that I couldn’t live without it. It’s like the air I breathe.

Just the same I don’t really know why I like it very much so than any other drink. Some people like sodas, teas, juices, but for me coffee and its rich taste and aroma is more than enough. What can we do about it? Well, I’ve decided to succumb to the spell of this burnt bean. And so, I finally listed down some reasons I could grasp quickly why I am floating in the clouds whenever I sip my mug of coffee.

Booster-upper-downer (BUD)

Coffee’s bitterness blends well with many other products e.g. milk, creamier, sugar, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, butter and the list can still go on, perhaps we just haven’t discovered them yet. Regardless of any person’s preferences, many households in so many parts of the world, grab a cup of joe first thing in the morning. It’s a go to beverage that signals a fresh start of the day.

As for me, coffee keeps me company all through out the day, that is why it is my BUD-dy (pun intended). BUD stands for booster, upper, and downer. Yes, just like illegal substances (lol). Good thing, this is the most and best I could get addiction with for a really long time. I’m so afraid if it’s any other thing than this. I surely starts my day with a cup of hot coffee. I go with creamier often, though there are times, depending on the mood, I could also go black. Having the need to work in front of the monitor most time of the day, a cup of coffee by my side keeps me sane. It calms me down for when things are a little eventful that they usually should be. Thank God there’s this little BUDdy he sent us.

Stain in the Mug

Coffee drinking for me is an experience. It is meant to be shared but I also enjoy it alone. In fact, I almost always enjoy it all to myself. My solitude with coffee made me observe and think of a lot of things in my life. Most of my precious eureka moments also happen over coffee. Sure coffee stains my mug often but it can also be an indication of another productive day for me. Another day I managed to survive with little aid from my friend Joe.

The stain on my mug is also the stain in my head. Another day etched in my memory. Thanks to a cup of coffee that keeps me awake about the things around me... about me. Somehow, it helps me with staying real. Whatever that means. Coffee being full of flavour also has so much character, it has distinct personality making it so easy to describe it. It can be lustful, sinful, and divine in so many ways.

The Perfect Excuse

The view from my favourite cafe spot.

I’m a very lonely man. While I enjoy doing things on my own, I also long for a lot of things in my life that makes me so lonely at times and coffee is the perfect excuse for me to roam around. Whenever, I am able to visit a favourite coffee shop, sit down for a moment on my favourite spot, it transports me to a blissful paradise.

Just like magic, a few sip of this dirt and my mood is improved. Sometimes it lasts long, other times it doesn’t. I guess the magic stops at some point. But this cuppa is so universal, you can almost talk about it with almost everybody from most places - north, east, west, south - name it. Who doesn’t know about coffee? It’s like sugar, salt, and pepper. We’ve lived most of our lives with them around, though we may not notice it. Indeed, it’s a great conversation starter. Coffee anyone? (Smiled)

Coffee is Influence

I realised while writing down this article that my relationship with coffee started as an influence from the adults in our family. I would often hear my beloved grandmother offering a stirred tasteless coffee to anybody in the house who has just woken up. Another way of saying good morning for her! We also offer coffee almost anytime of the day to any visitors. In our case, we wouldn’t even ask and go ahead prepare them. Someone just can’t say no. Isn’t that funny?!

I still remember how my mom’s coffee is tainted really dark compared to that of pale drink of my grandmother. I obviously took after my mom. She probably influenced my type of coffee. With this, I’ve observed that you can somehow describe a person from their coffee preferences. Mine? Well, hot/grande caramel macchiato is my stapled Starbucks’ beverage. Can you imagine who I am?

There’s this social media meme I’ve encountered about the story of coffee, potato, and egg representing different types of people. The gist of the story is how these ingredients responded to boiling water representing life. Egg went hard, potato went soft, and coffee being the only one that didn’t change its form but also the only one that greatly ‘influenced’ the water around it. The bean coloured and seasoned it, just like a true and great influence.

I want to be like coffee. I’d like to stay true to my core. I choose to positively influence others rather than be soft or adamant about life. It wouldn’t be easy I know but thank God he spilled us some coffee beans to enjoy. And that’s coffee and me!

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