It’s a shame that many people, groups, and organisations try to “delete” Christmas from the yuletide season by trying to be subtle about it and instead use “holiday” to describe it. Many are afraid that using the word Christmas will be taken as offensive by few people in this day and age. A time in the world where people almost always have a say on something in exercise of their so called freedom. Apparently, using “holiday” is more inclusive and politically correct.

Sure thing, the last quarter of the year is jam pack with many different holidays -Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish etc. etc. - and not just Christian holidays. Using “happy holidays” is making it simple for many people and it satisfies the perceived inclusiveness for when you use it but it is denying the very sense of the celebration. Not to mention, it is denying people’s identity and root. How did we get to this point where we feel offended just because somebody greeted us “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Hanukkah ” or any other greetings there is available during this time? It used to be educational to be taught of another culture’s ways, why has it become offensive to greet us from the ways of other people? Why is the freedom of the majority is always taken as inequality and seclusion? And what about the right of these people who unfortunately were part of the majority? It is just so hard to understand. Isn’t more universal if we greet each other according to our belief and not what is imposed to be ‘correct’?

During international shows/events like olympics, beauty pageants, and world summits people make an effort to speak the language of the host as to please them but for always they also greet people in their own language. Do we mean that it can also be offensive? But why? Isn’t it more offensive to be suppressed to use your own ‘language’ for the capricious convenience of the ‘x’ or unknown number of the population? Funny how fighting racism has become racism in itself. The victims are now the victimisers, and because we allowed it, it will now become a cycle with no end. Are we really teaching our kids that denying yourself your own identity is the best way to not offend others? Or the truth is, we haven’t really thought much about the children of our future because we intend to live for the long haul, and our actions/decisions are tainted by what is benefiting us today? Are we really allowing distorted truth to abominate our beliefs, whatever they may be?

I am Christian, and whoever you are, whatever you believe in, please allow me to sincerely greet you, from the bottom of my heart, a very Merry Christmas. It is so precious for me that I wanted it to be shared with you, and that’s how you mean the world to me too.

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