If you are a working person, you must have seen the phrase “make a difference”. It is almost everywhere making it a cliche these days. But have we tried to ask: Why is there a need for you and me to make a difference? What is it considered to be too common around us that requires change? What are we lacking that we should be making? What it really means to make a difference?

As a social concept, making a difference is doing something that has a lasting and significant social impact from the individual to society to country level and further throughout the world. This mantra aims to positively impact the lives of others in possibly everything that we think and do. It is our responsibility to think of others, the future generation, and the lessons of our past that would contribute to improving the lives of many either today or tomorrow.

Understanding that each of us has a role to play in making a difference is pivotal to the realisation of this social construct. Parents should aim to inculcate the value of caring for others in the minds of their children at a young age. This is the only way we can ensure of a generation that cares for each other. Always remember that the little things we do create impact out to the world, even beyond for all we know it.

As for me, I sure want to reach out to many people that despite my being uncomfortable to come out in the open I find ways to tell YOU I care. I do care. At least trough prayers I could be one with any of YOU. It is my own little way of giving back to God and to the world, for all of the things (good and bad) that made this version of me today. I am dedicating a time in my short life to be with YOU in spirit and I hope through this I am creating a positive social impact that would riffle to more blessings of those hearts I have touched and to more hearts they would touch.

I commit to dedicate my life in helping myself as well as YOU to give meaning and purpose to life. By bettering the version of me each day, I trust that I am creating a better world for YOU, my loved ones and everyone else one step at a time. Remember that when I see smile in YOUR face, my heart is also smiling. You’re assured then that there’s the three of us smiling: your lips, my heart, and God, for he is the God of Love, He is Love.

YOU are assured that for as long as my life permits, I will continue to share what I know . Most especially the things that would lift up the dying spirit of some others for the simple reason that I’ve been in the same boat and made it to the shore through grace. I will use whatever little power given me to influence YOU, and others, to fight for YOUR life and the lives of people around you, to live not just another day, but to lead a beautiful life full of hope and trust to God, his plans and his timetable.

As Pastor Rick Warren said it: “The best use of life is love, the best expression of love is time, and the best time to love is now.” It is in your hands to make a difference today!

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