It has literally been a while since the last time I wrote an article. It has been months that I’ve lost the interest to scribble down my train of thoughts to share others. I would love to make an excuse that I have been busy re-setting up my life back here in Manila after I’ve sojourned in Japan for a couple of years. And now, I’m back writing. I am compelled to at least restart at something because there’s just too many things going on and it’s driving the whole world crazy: COVID-19 a.k.a. Corona Virus.


Looking back, a few months ago, I was wallowing in despair because my prayers weren’t answered. I was praying for the whole family (mom, sister, nephews, and now a niece) to stay together in Japan for good. I was willing to exchange anything for that thinking that is the best for us. But being in a foreign country with limited resources i.e. language, income, insurance etc. put us at a great disadvantage. I couldn’t imagine how we will be preparing for lockdown in a place where we haven’t really settled in. My prayer for an answer to my why’s is now answered - a deluge is coming and God is saving us by setting a place of refuge to spare us from greater agonies. And now, though I often say that God is good, I can feel how good He is more than any other time before.

The timing is really peculiar, like a wildfire it all happened all of a sudden. My mom has to arrive first, so she could set up our home that has rotten with us being away for a long while. I got a job just in time so I could provide for myself and my mom. People around me worked together to address our pressing needs by lending us all the hands and monies that we need for this and that. And quickly, through my job I managed to return it all back. I was also pressed to put into practice financial learnings on handling cash because of the situation, of which I thought was already so hard at the time it is happening. I was able to reunite with friends just in time before lockdown won’t allow us to go out of the house, our town, our boarder freely. I am not saying things will not go back to normal that I am so grateful for all of those things that happened to me but who knows what tomorrow will bring? We are all susceptible to getting the virus and we don’t know how our body will respond to it. And now that the situation is very uncertain that I am able to understand how God the father just prepared the way for me and my family. God is really good.


Years after Pope Francis visited Manila in 2015 where a child asked him an astounding question, ‘Why God allows bad things happen to people?’ still ring my head today. Many of us when facing trials has the default tendencies to blame it all to God. Well, even for a grown up like me, it didn’t makes sense that a God all knowing, all powerful is not doing anything to stop or prevent a crisis from happening. So, how much more to a child where perhaps the image of God is absolute giver. This is a valid question, and God is allowing us to ask him anything because he is able to handle it better than we do. There’s no need for a direct answer but it is all about the laws of nature.

Even before this pandemic broke out, there had already been people whose efforts were to inform the world about the importance of preparing for viruses that can spread through human transmission. Thus, people and governments were busy in so many other stuff. We were so clueless how serious things can be like until we are face by that situation. To put it simply, this is a result of our actions and whether you see it or not, God has been so kind to put people, situations, things all in our favor. It may not look like it for when you are the person positive with COVID-19, the bereaved family of a person claimed by this disease, a front-liner whose life is at risk for doing your duty, but God’s love is true. So look around you and see how God has alleviated yours and your family’s suffering. How in the midst of uncertainties you are able to read this article?

As we were given the free will to think and act like free people, we are equally responsible for the consequences of our actions. I learned that we can’t blame God for not controlling things the way we want to. That is just not how things work. I learned that despite all decisions that led us to where we are today, God is willingly giving us graces as a testament for his love for us. Yes there are claimed lives but there’s still you, privilege to read this article. Your situation may not be perfect but the fact that you are able to read this, you know in your heart of heart that God like a wildfire gave you enough heat to keep you warm at a very cold time in our lives. He has done this before, and there is no way He won’t do this today. That is how we know God’s love is forever.


Like a wildfire, the world is changing. People of today are luckiest that we see these things unfold with our naked eyes in the grace of social media. News today come in real time, we are able to know what is happening in different parts of the world in an instant, and that is how we know that we aren’t alone. Like the pandemic, the age of information has indeed spread to the four corners of the earth. Truly we have entered a new world and time.

It used to be that help takes time to arrive and that information is only available in select languages. Imagine without the internet how would you know what is happening to a loved one not near you during this crisis? And vice versa. Or, how are you without knowing is exposing yourself at risk because the information did not reach you. This is all God’s grace. He has equipped us to have the optimized lens and see the world at the tip of our finger. And so, a new time has begun, things are changing for the better because God is transforming us ‘from glory to glory’ 2 Corinthians 3:18

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