Happy Easter indeed! It’s a blessed day for the Lord has risen.

For this Easter celebration, I have decided to spend it all to myself and the Lord. I wanted to spend time with the one who sacrificed his life all for me. I thought I should give time to contemplate on perhaps the most popular verse on the internet today: Matthew 28:6, “He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.

Imagine if you are right at the centre of where it was happening then, hearing the news “He is not here” is not only shocking or frightening. It is a gigantic event that could lead to many question, misery, anxiety or neglect. Hence, those who are concern and with deep sense of connection to Christ had to first verify the truthfulness of the news and find out what really happened. The least that you want for a departed loved ones’ dead body is to be disrespected. But before you even come near the tomb, have you ever thought what could possibly were the things running in the mind of Paul and Peter or of Mary Magdalene? Where is he? Who did this? What am I going to tell the people? Where should I go to look for him? How can this happen? Why is this happening?

Perhaps, there’s a moment of disbelief, state of shock, and/or self-pity. Should I be there, I will never be calm. I could clearly picture myself to be in great distress and hysteria. I could easily turn my anxiety to anger to fear. What else is going to happen? What else do they want from us? Where is God in all of these? We need help now!

It is not far from the daily things that happen to us. Imagine that moment when you found out your smartphone is not in your bag or anywhere you usually put it. We all have that mini heart attack moment until the phone is found. Or at times when the things you preciously care about gone missing. It could be your car, your home, your job or lost chances. Or when the person you truly care about suddenly went away.

Good thing “He is not here” is immediately followed by “He has risen”. Hearing those words do not only save the day. It has saved everything that happened. It has erased all the pains, longings, and regrets. It’s a brand new day. The generation that have witnessed this event larger than any life in the universe are possibly the most privileged people in the history of mankind for at one point in time they were with the Lord Jesus Christ in flesh and in sight. But the story didn’t stop there. Christ’s apostles also needed to lay down their lives to testify the truthfulness of what they saw and experienced.

No esta aquí! Siempre, el esta en tu corazón. (He is not here! He is in your heart forever.)

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