Did it ever occur to you that you want to just pass this lifetime because it’s not making sense? Did the thought of wanting to give up everything you have for any way this life has a sure start and end ever came to you? Have you ever thought of resigning to life because even if things are going right you can always find that reason to frown? Have you ever question your purpose? 

These questions, I believe, have been with me all my life. I can no longer count how many times I did ask myself all of these - once, twice, often, every now and then. I don’t really remember. But these are the thoughts deeply sitting inside my heart of heart. It is at the very centre of my being. I know I am frail as a person. I know I get easily shaken. 

I guess the darkest place in the world is not the inside of a cave nor the deepest part of the ocean. The darkest place in the world is inside our being to where our soul resides. It is that tightly covered place in our lives where there is absence of light. It is where sorrows and miseries abound. 

Sure, there are people like us: tired, beaten, defeated, depleted, battered, lost. Yet, still, in the due course of time you also want to be renewed, re-energised, revitalised, and most of all FOUND because all you want is to give it another try. Give it another shot until your life is able to make sense after all. Because there is that tiny voice inside you saying never give up. That time is NOW for we have found each other. That time is now for like you, I am one of those people who may not completely understand but is always ready to listen. Trust that I will embrace your stories completely and sincerely. Trust that it will only be for my eyes only. Trust that I know I have no right to pass on judgement of anyone. Trust that I am a friend. 

If you ever needed someone to talk to. If you ever needed a friend. If you ever needed a brother in Christ Jesus. Feel free to reach out and let’s talk about the life of people like us. I have been blessed of a strong support circle and I want to extend it to you. Life is tough but we should rise twice tougher with the help of one another. 

Allow me to hear from you and be of help, please don’t hesitate to email me at

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