You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.” - Corrie ten Boom

When I was in 5th grade, we had a special Catechism class every Monday at school. The volunteer instructor, Sis. Lucy, a one fine lady, teaches us a lot of things about God, the Church, and Christ. She would also check for our Sunday Mass attendance the day prior and then there’s this booklet with all the collected signatures, of which at the end of the school year shall be tallied and will be exchanged for a prize - just like in arcade. As we approach the summer vacation, there was this one Sunday that I wasn’t able to attend the mass and forfeit one signature away from a perfect attendance. On the day of our last Catechism, I can clearly recall that I was in great distress that I wouldn’t be able to get the main prize for those who got perfect attendance. I was in awe for missing that one Sunday. I was thinking in solitude what happened to that lazy day. But to my surprise, Sis. Lucy still gave the main prize to me: the Bible. Perhaps, it was really for me that despite my imperfect attendance it was still given to me.

Fast forward to when I was already in 3rd year College, our family went through a great ordeal with my then 13 years old sister. She, in her youthfulness, decided to elope with another boy. They squandered days and did all the stuff leaving the rest of the family to chase for her. It was a very stressful moment in time for our family. I would go for frequent visit to the Adoration Chapel to implore God’s intervention in our problem. More to being found, I knew back then, that there’s more and much deeper issue/s that we will need to face. I can still remember my sister bargaining for her freedom. She wanted to freely do whatever she wants, however she wants it. How cruel? How cruel it is for someone to blame other people for their mistakes. But just because she’s a minor, the responsibility was over to us. I myself was a minor then. Good thing, my mom didn’t surrender, we tried every single way to win her back. I would remember waking up early every morning to send her to school. I was making sure that she has entered the school gate and will not go elsewhere. Going through that rough time I finally got the reason to open my then 8-year old bible. Out of nowhere, I just thought of grabbing it from my dusty cupboard. I read it from cover to cover, and each time I would read it, of course I would say a prayer. Thank God we have not only recovered my sister but we saved her from being at the edge of a cliff. She has at least finished high school and went to college.

Another time my bible has spoken to me and became a symbol of refuge was when my beloved grandmother passed away. It was my greatest fear and when it finally came my whole world shuttered and it creeped me to my very core. I couldn’t sleep. Each night was laborious night for having to miss my grandma’s presence. The only thing that made me go through those nights was my bible. As soon as I reach the bed, I would tuck my bible inside my shirt beneath my chest. That touch of something in my body was surreal. It feels like another skin touching not just my flesh but my soul as well. In the morning, I would read them and beseech God for strength to go through the day, another day. To this day, I didn’t know how I managed to go through those times. I really don’t know. That moment of emptiness made me feel God’s presence in my life. It was probably the first time that I felt He is at work and is truly alive in me.

So, read it!! Read it all you want and all you need. Bible is not just a piece of sacred something. Bible is a tool to communicate with Jesus - our way, truth and life to the Almighty Father.

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