For so long of time, I’ve always believe that there is no such a thing as ‘Accident’ in this world and time we live in. Some things may have happen unexpectedly but it is forever-always interwoven to something else or that there is no such a thing as separate pieces but it maybe is just a part of a whole. God himself is a mystery and it will remain so, and so are the things that are born from God . So it’s literally everything with God being the Alpha and the Omega.

'An unexpected and pleasant surprise'

In Japan, they have a proverb that says ’tana kara botamochi’ (たなからぼたもち) or literally translated as ‘a sweet-bean cake fallen from the top of the shelf straight to the mouth’, which means ‘an unexpected and pleasant surprise’. I’d like to believe that my current situation would be like the sweet-bean cake that I will be able to catch surprisingly and expectantly all at the same time.

My heart is heavy and I can’t seem to continue typing the words that I truly have in my heart. While I generally feel positive about my situation, I always caught myself saying that God can do better. But to my surprise, I also thought that maybe God is saying the very same thing that I, sure, can do better in trusting and having ‘The Faith’ in Him. At one point in time, we may all have experience that feeling of being in limbo, where you don’t seem to comprehend your own emotion. You are anxious about what lies ahead but your are also believing (at that coldest corner of your heart) that God is at work in your life. And so you continue trusting, we continue believing, and in turn becoming more faithful.

'We get to choose how much we are going to trust God.' - Rick Warren, Daily Hope

The world renown pastor, Rick Warren, said that there are so many things in life that is outside our control. We don’t get to choose where, when and how we will be born; we don’t get to choose our gender, nationality, and the family we will be in. But, we get to choose how much we are going to trust God. My dad, whom I don’t get to speak often, once said trust the unknown to a known God. With my being unable to speak to Dad often, those words became bouncing echo in my head. I am always reminded that God has already been here and there, and that he has nothing but good things in store for us.

As humans, our frail heart and mind have the tendencies to always look at the dark side instead of finding the light. It is the same as when we question the goodness of God when he seem to be silent and nowhere to be found. Funny, because people of today haven’t really seen nor touch him, not even once. And yet, we continue to look for him around or to the things and situations where we thought we needed him most. But God is god, he is never late. He is never absent.

'Ask-Seek-Knock' - Matthew 7:7-8

And so, ask-seek-knock, as what Matthew 7:7-8 says ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

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