Tears can serve both as our shield and destruction.

Initially, I was trying to dispel the common perception about tears being a sign of weakness. It has been said and written over and over that tears can also be a symbol of strength with all the environmental attributes or qualifiers. Tears can be a sign of strength if: 1) you choose to cry instead of belting out your thoughts that you know could destroy a person, a relationship or anything; 2) you let tears fall down your cheeks and still hold on; 3) you let that tiny waters drain from your eyes but not your heart; and the list can go on. Sure, this has been said so many times before, yet, as I let my mind, heart and hands to team up, I came to realise that a weapon of any sort can be disarming not only your adversary but your own self as well. We should all be wiser with use of our tears.

I’m such a cry baby! Many people don’t know but I cry often specially in my solitude, until today that I am a grown man. But I always choose to cover up or as my friends and I call it “projection”. This is so because not every person needs to know you’re pain or to have witness your tears. Sometimes some of them are tickled by the sparkle of your teardrops and not really where it came from. I never was afraid to show my vulnerabilities to people, especially to the ones I can’t hide myself from. But there are times that I have to wipe that tears away and be strong for others, simply because in the rules of my mind that is the right thing to do. Just the same, tears have been my shield and companion especially during the time that I can no longer bear it, when everything seems to be too overwhelming. The outflow of my tears is almost synonymous to unleashing that bad vibes off my system. Perhaps, as I always hear before, tears are also healthy, literally and figuratively.

Say it’s possible for tears to be non-stop, what will happen to us if we let tears to just flow and flow and flow? Perhaps, like rivers and oceans it can also drown us. Although, in the spirit of being positive, I thought we can continue to use our pains to thrive in any circumstances. For instance, should you get stuck in a life-deep dug well and the only thing that you have are your non-stop tears, if you’ll learn how to swim and float on it, you’ll eventually reach the top and break-free from getting stuck. You’re soak and wet but still have survived. Silly, but I know you get it! Yet, we must acknowledge that as we let ourselves get soak in tears and sulk into countless miseries of life, we are maybe destructing our own selves in the process. And these are the things that can cause the draining our well of hope and slowly extinguishing the fires burning inside us. Truly, too much water can beat a fire burning, what if that fire is a symbol of your faith? or your will to live? or your chance for joy? Are you letting too much tears beat all of that?

Ecclesiastes 3:1,4 “There is a time for everything... a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.

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