Let me take you to the world of possibilities: the internet. The use of the internet spread like a wildfire since it started in the 90s and to date it has maintain it’s stance to keep evolving. No wonder it has changed the circuit of our daily living to the very fiber of our personal lives.

Who would have thought that online application/platform such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few) can change our way of life. From personal to professional to business. Almost anything and everything is trying to make its “online” version - market, classroom, entertainment, education, peer, even family. And these changes are here to stay. It will continue to shape our way of life and so is our future. Embracing these things come naturally. We can see almost every person in the planet using internet and technology to improve, entertain, and support their daily living.

Pretty sure you have noticed in the recent year the addition of brand new words such as selfie, snapchat, webinar, online shops - there are those old ones with updated definition like trending, viral , followers and the works. But one thing that caught my attention is the word “NETIZEN” a portmanteau of the words Internet and Citizen, which also explains its meaning: Citizen of the Internet or simply those people who use the internet.

I thought it’s not just a combined words but a whole new dimension, place, realm, world, peak, deep, country, group , identity, reality, truth and so on. Internet has become a whole new place for discoveries. It now has its own “sociology”. It is where humans of this generation are thriving their development, structure, and functionalities. It is a virtual society that is potentially far more real than the physical community we live in. Today, as you read this article, it has proven itself to have such persistent social interaction. It doesn’t matter who I am, where I’m from, nor what I represent. What important is this message reaches you wherever you are and that to mean is the most persistent way of social freedom.

The internet has allowed individuals to a territorial right and authority to shape its own culture, as well as patterns of relationships between netizens who share distinct ideas, customs, traditions, and behaviours. It has birthed to by far the most collaborative society of all time. It enable netizens to benefit from each other in too many ways possible. It has unlocked the seemingly endless possibilities in the age of information. It has opened doors to new ways of digital hunting and gathering, cultivation and management, crofting, industrial, and pastoral. Straightforwardly, internet has gained its own source of power: information. It has the ability to unite or destruct any concept of formation. Therefore, using the internet is a responsibility. Be wise! Choose to unlock possibilities.

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