Speaking from my own experience, it is not very hard for anyone to get lost in so many things in life, even for someone who’s organisation skills is mega ultra compulsive. I think this is just one of the few more sickness of the mind that I have, lol. But seriously, while doing my office work I came across this report format with aim to summarise on how was your day at work and thought that this reporting style is somehow applicable to a much bigger perspective: LIFE. If not at all universal.

The report was called W.L.C. or Wins, Learnings, and Challenges. The WINS-box should have all the accomplishments or successes of the day. These are the things you target to complete for the day or the past days and finally closed them. The LEARNINGS-box has lessons learned as you go through accomplishing your day-to-day activities, most importantly your responsibilities. And, the CHALLENGES-box must have all the hurdles you have experienced or are experiencing. This delays your progress and clearly shows what is stopping you from achieving your goals.

The same applies when you evaluate your life as a whole - wherever stage you are, whoever you may be, whatever situation you may have. It would help you see clearly what are the valuable things that you possess at the moment that you consider to be your wins. It doesn’t necessarily need to be material things but the things that can put sincere smile on your face as well as to the people you love. It could also be something that gives you peace of mind. Something that put genuine joy inside your heart. Next are your learnings-box, I guess at this point of my life I already knew that one cannot walk away a lifetime without hard and soft lessons. Not because you are careless but simply for the reason that life is full of it. It will teach so many things to a point of no return. Remember that this is very important for you to notice for your own good reference for the days ahead and for the people who might benefit from your hard-earned lessons. Don’t look too far. You can share it to the people you care about - friends and families. And, finally your challenges-box, take heart and believe that whatever are the things that stopping you from achieving your goals in life can either become your life’s wins or learnings. In the end, you are just filling in two boxes.

In all of this, please remember Joshua 1:9 “...Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

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